For Patients

The lists below link to information relating to diet, driving, medications, drug pregnancy registries, organizations, epilepsy surgery, and pediatric Epilepsy. The MGH Epilepsy Service provides these as a convenience for patients and families. 

Additional resources for medical professionals are listed on the For Physicians  page.

Diet & Nutrition

Drivers Licence & Driving Laws

  • Driver Information by State The Epilepsy Foundation of America comprehensive drivers licensing section, including state by state laws.

Drugs & Registries


Pediatric Epilepsy

  • Growing up with Epilepsy - Pediatric Epilepsy 
    The Growing Up with Epilepsy Web site is a collaboration between the MassGeneral Hospital for Children's Pediatric Epilepsy Program and WGBH Educational Foundation, supported by the Jordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund. Our goal is to provide clear information about epilepsy in childhood, its diagnosis, and its treatment, and to educate site visitors about the disorder's effects on learning, behavior, and family life.  A website that provides education about epilepsy and its impact on children and families.



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