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Translational Research

Our translational research approach is focused on accelerating learnings into care. This enables our patients to seamlessly participate in research during their care cycle so that we can develop new effective tests and treatments faster than ever before.

Focus on Prevention

A great deal of scientific evidence shows that lifestyle choices have a substantial impact on brain health. Our preventative approach to care aims to empower healthy individuals to adopt sustainable habits around the latest innovations in:

  • Sleep: Help the brain register memories, function optimally and clear out toxins
  • Stress: Find some time every day to unwind and de-stress
  • Social Interaction: Human connection is essential for long-term brain health
  • Exercise: Get your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Learning: Mental stimulation = strength-training for your brain
  • Diet: Think fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts

The Importance of Research

Your brain health needs change as you age, as do the lifestyle choices that best serve you. We attend to these changing needs by re-evaluating and adapting our clinical recommendations over time. These recommendations are largely informed by the insights you provide through your participation in our innovative research, ranging from genomic sequencing and brain imaging to the pioneering of new clinical trials. Your participation in these studies not only supports your own brain health goals, but also helps to further brain health knowledge for generations to come.

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