About Our Clinic

Our goal at the McCance center is to help you understand your current brain health and provide you with the tools you need to keep your brain healthy for life.

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Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, you and your doctor will use a baseline physical exam, cognitive testing, extensive interviewing and a thorough assessment of risk factors including personal and family history to create an individualized care plan to optimize your brain health now and in the future. During your visit, your physicians will help you to compute a personalized McCance Brain Care Score, which measures what you are already doing to protect your brain and prolong your brain health – exercise, sleep, social interactions, lowering blood pressure and more. We will work with you to achieve your highest score so you can maximize your potential for maintaining your brain health as you grow and thrive.

  • Based on what we learn about you, your family, your lifestyle and the stresses you face, we will determine what laboratory, imaging and other tests will be helpful to measure your risk of brain disease.
  • A core part of your visit is extensive counseling and education regarding your risk factors and your opportunities for risk reduction.
  • Your doctors will also offer motivational coaching as they engage with you around lifestyle changes, what matters to you the most and your commitment to make those changes over time.

Ongoing Support

Being connected to the McCance Center, you will have access to our comprehensive network of brain health programs, including:
  • Integrative therapies
  • Diet & nutrition
  • SMART Program at the Benson-Henry Institute
  • Other innovative services at Mass General

Access to Research

McCance Center patients are at the core of our longitudinal research, helping us to learn how to eradicate brain disease before it starts. We look forward to introducing you to our research programs and our Biobank.

Follow-up Visits

Most patients return for annual appointments in order to reassess their brain care score in light of changes in their health and wellbeing and be evaluated for any novel preventive treatments