Coming to the Clinic

Patients with confirmed COVID-19 (either via PCR and/or an antibody test) may be referred to members of our clinical team for the following: cognitive impairment, headache, fatigue, weakness, anosmia (loss of sense of smell), numbness, unsteady gait, seizure, strokes, neuropsychiatric symptoms like anxiety or depression, and other neurological symptoms. Referrals must be made to our clinicians via Epic with “COVID Brain Health” in the comments section.

The clinic is staffed with interpreters to facilitate the visit. Please have your referring clinician know which language you are most comfortable discussing your health and interest in research.

We offer virtual visits via zoom or phone, as well as in-person visits at the Mass General main campus (Wang 8) and our Chelsea and Revere Community Centers.

Our Commitment to the Community

At the McCance Center for Brain Health, we are privileged to have a culturally rich workforce and we are honored to serve, support, and provide services to a diverse community. We respect and value the cultural differences among one another and we strongly believe that the success of our mission depends on inclusivity.

The McCance Center Clinic actively seeks ways to honor the diverse needs of the communities it serves, delivering a wide range of high-quality clinical services, as well as community-based health and research programs. We strive to create learning opportunities for all caregivers to be culturally competent and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve our patients, encouraging them to recognize and celebrate the traditions and customs of our patients, caregivers, families, and communities.