INTEGRATION: McCance Center Poster on “Long COVID” Wins Award

Dr. Leidys Gutierrez-Martinez talks about the team’s work on the effects of COVID-19 infection on the brain, as seen in patients at Mass General.

INTERVENTIONS: Research Shows Exercise Can Reduce Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Christiane Wrann talks about her research demonstrating the molecular benefits of exercise on brain health, opening the door to potential therapeutic drugs.

INDICATORS: McCance-Bugher Undergraduate Trainee Joins the Team

Zech Davis, Tougaloo College junior and MGH trainee, talks about his interest in social determinants of health in stroke prevention.

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INTERVENTIONS: Ken Ansin, Staying On Track With the McCance Center

We sat down to talk with Ken Ansin after his first visit to the McCance Clinic to learn how he is working to stay on track and do what he can to improve his brain care now.

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INTEGRATION: Blood Pressure Control After Stroke Predicts Long-term Outcomes

McCance Center faculty in the Cerebrovascular Health Research Program published research that clearly demonstrates the importance of blood pressure control after stroke.

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INDICATORS: Study Solves Mystery: How Does Alzheimer’s Form in Brain Cells?

Our researchers have made a discovery about amyloid-beta—the neurotoxin at the root of Alzheimer’s disease—that serves as a guidepost for developing new therapies to prevent the onset of the disease.

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INTERVENTIONS: Feeding Your Brain as Important as Eating for Heart Health

Did you know you can take steps now, regardless of your age, to improve your brain health? McCance Center research proves this, and Mass General nutritionist Emily Gelsomin's article makes it easy.

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INTERVENTIONS: Exercise Helps Neurogenesis – The Research Is In

McCance faculty, featured in this Harvard Health article, are exploring the importance of exercise in neurogenesis – it’s possible to make new brain cells and improve your memory.

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INDICATORS: McCance Center Researchers Uncover More About Interleukin-3

The McCance Center’s Dr. Rudy Tanzi with Dr. Filip Swirski have identified a signaling molecule that may help prevent Alzheimer’s – Interleukin-3 may reprogram immune responses in the brain.

INDICATORS: McCance Center Faculty Have Modeled Benefits of Sleep to Brain Age

The Brain Age Index can estimate a person’s chronological age vs. biological age of their brain, using data obtained during sleep. This test may help diagnose and predict dementia in older adults.

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