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2020-10-28 research;genetics-genomics neurology
Boston GlobeOctober | 28 | 2020

A DNA mystery: A woman was supposed to get Alzheimer’s by 50. Why didn’t she?

In the fall of 2015, Yakeel Quiroz, PhD heard about a woman who defied everything she knew about Alzheimer’s disease. Quiroz, a neuroimaging researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, has spent more than two decades studying an extended Colombian family with a genetic mutation that causes a devastating younger-onset version of the disease.

2020-10-16 research neurology;healey-center-for-als
New York TimesOctober | 16 | 2020

Drug May Extend ALS Patients’ Lives by Several Months, Study Finds

Following up on earlier findings, a new study led by Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD at the Healey Center for ALS shows that treatment AMX0035 may extend life as well as slowing the progression of ALS.