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2020-05-14 research
NewsweekMay | 14 | 2020

Scientists Turned Parkinson's Disease Patient's Skin Cells Into Brain Cells, Now He Can Tie His Shoes Again

Newsweek covers MacLean and Mass General researchers who took the skin cells of a 69-year-old patient with Parkinson's, turned them into stem cells, and used them to dramatically improve his symptoms.

2020-05-05 research neurology
CNNMay | 5 | 2020

For the First Time, Scientists Can See how the Brain Records Our Memories as we Sleep

CNN discusses research led by Sydney Cash, MD and Leich Hochberg, MD, PhD illustrating a possible way that memories are encoded. The study, which monitored BrainGate clinical trial participants with paralysis and brain-computer interfaces as they learned a new task and then rested, showed that neurons "replay" newly learned activities while at rest.