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May 22, 2012

woman sips from a straw with mind-controlled robot arm

Controlling a robotic arm with thought

MGH, Brown help test mind-controlled robotic armsMass HighTech - coverage of study led by MGH investigator Leigh Hochberg

May 21, 2012

Stroke Victims Think, Robotic Arm Acts – Talk of the Nation/Science Friday/NPR - radio interview with MGH investigator Leigh Hochberg 

May 18, 2012

Mind-controlled robot arms show promise - – Nature News - coverage of study led by MGH investigator Leigh Hochberg

Mass. General study gives quadriplegics mind-controlled limbs – WFXT-TV, Ch. 25

May 17, 2012

The power of thought – Boston Globe/

An electronic microarray compared in size to a dime.

The BrainGate microarray

Bodies Inert, They Moved a Robot With Their Minds – New York Times

Stroke Victims Control Robotic Arm With Thoughts – Wall Street Journal

Paralyzed Patients Use Mind to Move Robotic Arm – HealthDay News

Paralyzed woman uses her mind to control robot arm – Associated Press

Paralyzed woman uses thoughts to move robotic arm – Reuters

Paralyzed Patients Control Robotic Arm With Their Minds – Science NOW

The Brain-Computer Interface That Let a Quadriplegic Woman Move a Cup – The Atlantic

Paralyzed woman gets robotic arm she controls with her mind – MSNBC

The Future of Prosthetics: Mind-Bending Robotic Arms – PBS Newshour

Portrait of John Donoghue, smiling

John P. Donoghue, PhD, MS, Brown
University, senior author of the study.








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