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Advanced technology reveals activity of single neurons during seizures - The first study to examine the activity of hundreds of individual human brain cells during seizures has found that seizures begin with extremely diverse neuronal activity, contrary to the classic view that they are characterized by massively synchronized activity.


MassGeneral Hospital for Children study explains some mysteries of neonatal seizures - A study led by MassGeneral Hospital for Children investigators is providing new insight into the mechanism of neonatal seizures, which have features very different from seizures in older children and adults.


Clinical Centers of Excellence- The MGH Epilepsy Service is featured in a review of Clinical Centers of Excellence for patients with seizure disorders.


New screening tool for identifying major depression in patients with epilepsy - Commentary on NDDI-E screening tool for detecting symptoms of major depression, while excluding adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs or temporal lobe epilepsy memory problems


Advances in Epilepsy Research - An interview with MGH researcher and director of Epilepsy Service Dr. Andrew Cole.
Museum of Science - Current Science Technology Podcast


Epilepsy Advances - A Video interview with MGH director of Epilepsy Service Dr. Andrew Cole.
New England Cable News, 'Sci-Tech Today'


Epilepsy and New Treatments - An epilepsy awareness presentation given at the Museum of Science.
WGBH Forum Network

07/31/ 2007

Health Blog Q&A: Epilepsy and the Chief Justice - An explanation of epilepsy and seizures in relation to Chief Justice John Roberts.
NECN Webcase Law Blog

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