Array Tomography Core

Array Tomography is a light microscopic method of analysis that allows increased structural detail to be achieved at the light microscope level such as that associated with individual synapses.

Multiphoton Imaging Core

The technology of multiphoton microscopy allows imaging of visible light fluorophores within a living animal from the brain surface to a depth approximating layer III of mouse cortex.

Microfluidics Core

The Microfluidics Core provides know-how and state-of-the-art facilities for investigators in nervous system development, function, and dysfunction, to measure, control, and perturb the cellular microenvironment at the scale comparable to cell size.

Quantitative Real Time PCR Core

The Quantitative Real Time PCR Core in the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital offers quantitative measurement of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) levels using real-time PCR.

Transmission Electron Microscopy Core

The transmission electron microscope (TEM) aids in elucidating the complex architecture of the nervous system including membrane appositions between pre- and postsynaptic structures, glia-neuron processes, glia-blood vessel contacts as well as the precise localization of membrane bound antigens by immunolabeling methods.

Vector Development and Production Core

The Neurosciences Center Vector Development and Production Core was established to meet the increasing need of researchers for recombinant viral vectors capable of achieving efficient and long-lasting genetic modification of cells in primary cultures and living animals.

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