Research Investigator Profile

Hakan Ay, MD

Hakan Ay, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Radiology,
    Harvard Medical School
  • Assistant in Neuroimaging and Neuroscience,
    Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Description

Dr. Ay specializes in stroke and cerebrovascular disorders. Dr. Ay's research involves using imaging to investigate the clinic-anatomic-functional relationships in ischemic brain injury. Dr. Ay has developed various MRI-based methods to map clinical deficits using non-a priori anatomical hypotheses, to identify stroke etiology, and to predict tissue and clinical outcome following ischemic stroke and TIA.

Research interests

Transient ischemic attacks, neurocardiology, stroke recovery, and genetic and plasma markers of ischemic brain injury.

Research techniques

Statistical modeling of tissue and clinical outcome after ischemic stroke

Diseases studied

Stroke, cerebrovascular diseases

Selected publications
  1. H. Ay, W.J. Koroshetz, F.S. Buonanno, P.W. Schaefer, K. Yamada, G. Rordorf, L.H. Schwamm, G.A. Sorensen, R.G. Gonzalez. Negative Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging with Stroke-Like Focal Deficits. Neurology 1999;51:1369-1376.
  2. Ay H, Koroshetz WJ, Benner T, Vangel MG, Wu O, Schwamm LH, Sorensen AG Transient ischemic attack with infarction: a unique syndrome? Ann Neurol 2005;57(5):679-86
  3. Ay H, Furie KL, Singhal A, Smith WS, Sorensen AG, Koroshetz WJ. An evidence based causative classification system for acute ischemic stroke. Ann Neurol 2005;58(5):688-97
  4. Ay H, Koroshetz WJ, Benner T, Vangel MG, Melinosky C, Arsava EM, Ayata C, Zhu M, Schwamm LH, Sorensen AG. Neuroanatomic Correlates of Stroke-Related Myocardial Injury. Neurology 2006;66(9):1325
  5. Ay H, Benner T, Arsava EM, Furie KL, Singhal AB, Jensen MB, Ayata C, Towfighi A, Smith EE, Chong JY, Koroshetz WJ, Sorensen AG. A Computerized Algorithm for Etiologic Classification of Ischemic Stroke. The Causative Classification of Stroke System. Stroke 2007;38:2979-84
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