Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory

The EMG laboratory is a state-of-art facility specializing in diagnosis of muscle and nerve disorders.

Electromyography Laboratory: 617-726-3644

Fax 617-726-2958

About This Procedure

The EMG lab is staffed by board certified Electromyographers, physicians specializing in the diagnosis and testing of diseases of the peripheral nervous system.  This laboratory is a tertiary referral lab for many of the neurologists, neurosurgeons, internists and orthopedists in New England.

Form download: EMG Requisition Form (PDF) or .xlsx.

Conditions & Diseases


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Ulnar neuropathy

Motor neuron disease

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/ ALS


Nerve injury

Neuromuscular junction disorders

Myasthenia gravis




  • Myasthenia Gravis

    Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a complex, autoimmune disorder in which antibodies destroy neuromuscular connections. This causes problems with the voluntary muscles of the body, especially the eyes, mouth, throat, and limbs.


EMG Clinicians - Waltham Location

EMG Clinicians - Boston Location


Boston Location
The Neuromuscular Diagnostic Center
165 Cambridge Street, 8th floor
Boston, MA 02114

Waltham Location
Mass General Waltham, Specialties
40 Second Ave., Suite 300,
Waltham, MA  02451

Electromyography Laboratory: 617-726-3644

Fax 617-726-2958

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