View of the Lunder Building
View of the Lunder Building

The Department of Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital is located in the new Lunder Building, alongside neuro-anesthesia, neurology and neuro intensive care.

The new space features leading-edge technology in its six dedicated neurosurgical operating rooms, and innovations in patient care in both the 22-bed intensive care unit and two inpatient floors.

Patient-focused Technology

The neurosurgery unit features intra-operative imaging, the latest technology in brain tumor removal surgery. Intra-operative MRI and CT scanners provide real-time information, allowing surgeons to monitor a patient’s brain and measure tumor removal at any point during the procedure without moving the patient.

The Neuro Intensive Care Unit (Neuro ICU) features similar technology, so patients can receive the imaging they need without being moved. This allows patients to remain in one bed, on the same floor, which is not only convenient, but safer.

Each operating room is equipped with enhanced recording and video monitoring. Light-mounted cameras allow surgeons to project procedures in real time onto high-definition plasma screens. The plasma screens simultaneously show a patient’s vital signs and anesthesia so surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists can monitor the procedure at every step.

Every operating room has ceiling-mounted equipment booms to raise surgical equipment off the floor, providing easier access to medical teams and promoting infection control.

Each floor is equipped with multiple computer terminals so doctors, nurses and staff can instantly access patient records.

A Healing Environment

Patient rooms maximize patient healing and comfort. The private inpatient rooms each feature customizable ICU centers to allow nurses to arrange rooms according to patient needs.

Loved ones can stay with patients as each room has a reclining chair or sofa bed. The nature-inspired inpatient pavilion also features an atrium and garden to promote a natural healing environment.

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