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    Spiritual Care at MGH

    The Spiritual Care Department at Massachusetts General Hospital serves the spiritual needs of the hospital community. It offers religious-specific care for those who request services, providing a priest, evangelical pastor, rabbi, or imam when needed.

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    Gun Violence Prevention Month

    Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in the United States. Suicide, interpersonal violence, unintentional injuries and mass shootings all contribute to this medical and public health emergency.

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    Special delivery: Behind the scenes at the loading and receiving dock

    Opened in 2011, the Lunder dock is the largest – and busiest – of Mass General’s three receiving areas. Others are located at the Yawkey and Jackson Buildings. The Jackson Building dock was the hospital’s first loading dock and is still operational with two bays available for delivery trucks.

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    Research Spotlight: Long-Coding RNAs Act as Scaffolds for Assembling Heterochromatin

    Mo Motamedi, PhD, an assistant investigator in the Mass General Cancer Center and an assistant professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, is the James & Patricia Poitras Endowed Chair in Cancer Research and the senior author of a new paper in Cell, RNA Quality Control Factors Nucleate Clr4/SUV39H and Trigger Constitutive Heterochromatin Assembly.

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    How To Start a Mindful Eating Practice

    By cultivating awareness around eating habits, mindful eating can promote a healthier relationship with food, leading to improved overall well-being. Learn how to start eating mindfully.

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    Celebrating 50 years: Training future health care leaders

    The MGH Administrative Fellowship Program is a two-year, consolidated, hands-on work experience, giving participants a front row seat to management and administration at the hospital. Now in its 50th year, 72 people have completed the program since its inception.

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