July 2023 • Allocation Committee(s) Formation

Beginning in July of 2023, we will be shifting CAB responsibilities to the Allocation Committee(s), yet to be formed. The Allocation Committee(s) will be configured this summer for an early August kick-off. The number of committees is yet to be determined, as there may be a committee convened for each priority.

The charge of the Allocation Committee(s) is to oversee a competitive process for awarding funds for the health priorities identified through the community engagement process. Members are expected to meet monthly for a set amount of time until funds are released.

Learn more about the selection criteria for Allocation Committee members here

If you are interested in serving on a committee focused on a certain priority—economic/financial stability and mobility, housing, mental/behavioral health, food and nutrition security—contact Sylvia Chiang at srchiang@mgh.harvard.edu.

Most Recent & Upcoming CAB Meetings

Meeting Focus:

  • Finalize Funding Decisions
  • Allocation Committee Charge & Timeline

Meeting Agenda:

  • Finalize funding amounts, allocation methods & timeframe
  • Outline Allocation Committee structure and next steps

Meeting Focus:

  • Strategy Finalization
  • Allocation Decisions
  • Conflict of Interest

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review finalized priorities and strategies
  • Discuss allocation committee structure and selection of members
  • Begin discussions around funding amounts, allocation methods, timeframe, and allocation processes

Meeting Focus:

  • Strategy Selection

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review and discus finalized list of strategies
  • Select strategies for funding
  • Discuss additional CHI question and future allocation decisions

Meeting Focus:

  • Review of DPH Strategy Selection Criteria and Unallowable Expense for Funding
  • Subject Matter Experts on Economic Mobility & Stability
  • Review & Discuss Strategies from Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP)

Meeting Agenda:

  • Subject matter presentation from:
    • Dr. Thea James, Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center
    • Michelle Brathwaite. Regional Vice President, Primerica
  • Review and provide feedback on Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP) strategies

Meeting Focus:

  • Review of Selected Priorities
  • Review of DPH Strategy Selection Criteria
  • Subject Matter Experts on Housing, Mental Health & Food Insecurity

Meeting Agenda:

  • Subject matter presentations from:
    • Whitney Demetrius, Director of Fair Housing Engagement and Dana LeWinter, Municipal Engagement Director, Citizens' Housing and Planning Association
    • Dr. Kevin Simon, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Boston Public Health Commission
    • Jen Faigel, Executive Director, Commonwealth Kitchen

Meeting Focus:

  • Finalize Priorities

Meeting Agenda:

  • Continue discussion to finalize priorities
  • Discuss strategy selection
  • Determine which subject-matter experts should attend next meetings

01/2022 – 11/2022
Meeting Focus:

  • Onboarding & Data Review

Meeting Agenda:

  • Onboarding
  • Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan review