Most Recent & Upcoming CAB Meetings

01/2022 – 11/2022
Meeting Focus:

  • Onboarding & Data Review
Meeting Agenda:
  • Onboarding
  • Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan review

Meeting Focus:

  • Finalize Priorities

Meeting Agenda:

  • Continue discussion to finalize priorities
  • Discuss strategy selection
  • Determine which subject-matter experts should attend next meetings

Meeting Focus:

  • Review of Selected Priorities
  • Review of DPH Strategy Selection Criteria
  • Subject Matter Experts on Housing, Mental Health & Food Insecurity

Meeting Agenda:

  • Subject matter presentations from:
    • Whitney Demetrius, Director of Fair Housing Engagement and Dana LeWinter, Municipal Engagement Director, Citizens' Housing and Planning Association
    • Dr. Kevin Simon, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Boston Public Health Commission
    • Jen Faigel, Executive Director, Commonwealth Kitchen

Meeting Focus:

  • Review of DPH Strategy Selection Criteria and Unallowable Expense for Funding
  • Subject Matter Experts on Economic Mobility & Stability
  • Review & Discuss Strategies from Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP)

Meeting Agenda:

  • Subject matter presentation from:
    • Dr. Thea James, Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center
    • Michelle Brathwaite. Regional Vice President, Primerica
  • Review and provide feedback on Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP) strategies.

Meeting Focus:

  • Strategy Selection

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review and discus finalized list of strategies
  • Select strategies for funding
  • Discuss additional CHI question and future allocation decisions

Meeting Focus:

  • Strategy Finalization
  • Allocation Decisions
  • Conflict of Interest

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review finalized priorities and strategies
  • Discuss allocation committee structure and selection of members
  • Begin discussions around funding amounts, allocation methods, timeframe, and allocation processes

Meeting Focus:

  • Finalize Funding Decisions
  • Allocation Committee Charge & Timeline

Meeting Agenda:

  • Finalize funding amounts, allocation methods & timeframe
  • Outline Allocation Committee structure and next steps