MGH Hotline for Friday, December 3, 2010

  • Showcasing primary care

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10
  • Required safety training available on the web through HealthStream

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10 Employees now are able to complete required hospitalwide training online through the HealthStream Learning Center, a web-based learning management system offered by the Training and Workforce Development Office of Human Resources.
  • Pneumatic tube system ready to connect to the Lunder Building

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10 Thousands of MGH employees work around the clock caring for patients, handling administrative tasks and offering support services. As MGHers go about their business throughout the day and night, another vital hospital system is working behind the scenes -- the pneumatic tube system (PTS).
  • Transplant Center unfolds strategic vision and plan

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10 Members of the MGH Transplant Center gathered in the Bigelow Amphitheater Nov. 17 to hear Joren Madsen, MD, DPhil, director of the MGH Transplant Center; Jay A. Fishman, MD, associate director of the center; and Debra J. Doroni, MBA, executive director of the center and the Department of Surgery, unveil the Transplant Center's new strategic plan.
  • In General awards and honors 12.3.10

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10 In General awards and honors
  • MGH participates in Great American Smokeout

    MGH Hotline 12.3.10 Each year on the third Thursday of November, millions of smokers across the country forgo tobacco as part of "The Great American Smokeout."

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