MGH Hotline for Friday, February 25, 2011

  • 2.25.11 Bicentennial Corner

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 On Feb. 25, 1811, “An act to incorporate certain persons by the name of the Massachusetts General Hospital” was enacted in the Massachusetts General Court.
  • First 100 medical and surgical cases

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 MGH physicians research early MGH medical records In the nearly two centuries since the MGH received its first medical patient, a saddler with syphilis, and its first surgical patient, a sailor with a severe case of hemorrhoids, the hospital has been visited by millions of patients from around the world seeking leading-edge treatment and compassionate care.
  • Lunder Building fifth floor houses infrastructural hub

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 This summer’s opening of the Lunder Building is creating buzz and excitement in the MGH community.
  • Carl Bell, MD, receives first Frances J. Bonner, MD, Award

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 A physician in the Department of Psychiatry for five decades, Frances J. Bonner, MD, was both the first African American woman resident and first African American woman faculty member at the MGH.
  • MGH “Share a Story” Facebook application

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 The MGH’s long history as an institution is made particularly special by the multitude of stories of hope and healing from the hospital’s many patients and family members, staff, and friends.
  • MGH television channel unfolds hospital history

    MGH Hotline 2.25.11 As part of the MGH bicentennial celebrations, an in-house MGH history channel launched Feb. 25 on closed-circuit televisions across campus.

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