MGH Hotline for Friday, March 11, 2011

  • Excellence Every Day

    THROUGHOUT THE MGH, “Excellence Every Day” is the goal for each and every hospital employee, whether providing hands-on clinical care to critically ill patients or ensuring the campus’s public restroom floors are clear so that no one slips or falls.
  • Promoting kidney health

    LAURIE BIEL, RN, BSN, CNN, of the MGH Center for Renal Education, does not know whether the kidney or the kidney bean was named first – but she does know a great deal about kidney health.
  • Lunder Building patient floors enhance patient- and family-oriented care

    The top five floors of the Lunder Building are dedicated adult inpatient units for neuroscience and cancer patients. While the patient floors follow a standard design, each has highlights specific to a particular patient population. This week, MGH Hotline will highlight unique features of Floors 6 through 8, which are devoted to neuroscience patients, and provide a general description of a Lunder Building inpatient room. A subsequent issue will focus on Floors 9 and 10, which are dedicated to cancer patients, and will highlight the Lunder Building’s nursing, support services and common areas.
  • A day in the life

    FIFTY-TWO STUDENT SHADOWS caught a glimpse of their bright futures in health care during the 16th annual Job Shadow Day sponsored by the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI) Youth Programs.
  • MGH mentors and their students celebrate science fair success

    MARCH 5 WAS AN EXCITING DAY for budding young scientists who competed in a Boston Public Schools citywide science fair.

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