MGH Hotline for Friday, October 21, 2011

  • Unveiling the Visionary Donor Wall

    Donors have long been part of the fabric of the MGH, from the very first donation, which came in the form of a challenge grant.
  • ‘Looking back and thinking forward’

    As a slideshow of black and white images from the past turned into color photographs from the present, George Thibault, MD, president of the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and former chief resident and program director in the Department of Medicine, took to the podium to welcome many of the staff featured in the photos.
  • Welcoming faculty to the MGH

    A new job can be daunting in any situation, and each career group at the MGH has its own specific challenges and opportunities. To assist the more than 200 faculty members who join the hospital each year, the MGH Center for Faculty Development created a faculty-focused orientation session.
  • Clinical Research Day explores efforts to improve quality of care

    In welcoming MGHers to the ninth annual Clinical Research Day Oct. 6, Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president, expressed his belief that “Clinical effectiveness research is one of the answers to perhaps the most vexing problem facing our health care system.”
  • ‘This is my thank you’

    Fifteen-year-old Mike Duffy III came to the MGH on Oct. 13 to say thank you to the physicians who saved his father’s life.
  • Neurology celebrates milestone anniversaries

    Originally given the title “Electrician of the Hospital” and then “Physician to Out-Patients with Disease of the Nervous System,” James Jackson Putnam began his work at the MGH in 1872.
  • Marking milestones: MGH celebrates Ether Day

    Ether Day not only marks the anniversary of the first successful public demonstration of ether as an anesthetic, but is a day to honor employees who are celebrating milestone years of service.

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