MGH Hotline for Friday, February 10, 2012

  • Measure for measure: Patient-reported outcomes

    RECENT HEALTH CARE REFORM efforts have brought a shift to more value-based, patient-centered care. As a result, patient-reported outcomes are an increasingly relevant way to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of health care.
  • Students explore careers at the MGH

    EAST BOSTON HIGH SCHOOL senior Ishmael Branch, 18, center, watches as Daly Celletti, RT, radiology technologist, left, and Tracy Costley, RTR, radiology technical supervisor – both from Emergency Radiology – demonstrate X-ray imaging on National Job Shadow Day on Feb. 3.
  • Sweet treats

    MEMBERS OF THE MGH Human Resources (HR) Department – from left, Alicia Woo, HR assistant, Mary Anne MacKenzie, HR coordinator, Dee Dee Chen, HR consultant, and Isabel Cravens, HR coordinator – were just a few of the many employees who turned out for the second annual MGH Blood Donor Center Cupcake Tasting event on Feb. 8.
  • ‘Don’t eat where you treat’

    A COFFEE CUP in a hallway between patient rooms may seem harmless, but consuming food or drink in patient care areas – places where there is a risk of exposure to blood or other infectious material – has the potential to spread disease and is prohibited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the MGH Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan.
  • Department of Anesthesia collaboration aims to improve postoperative care in rural Uganda

    IN THE UNITED STATES and other developed nations, caregivers can access to the latest technologies and techniques, allowing them to improve patient outcomes and comfort. Unfortunately, clinicians in developing countries often lack these critical resources.
  • MGH career panel offers students insight into the future

    “PICTURE YOU ARE A DOCTOR and speak English, and I am a patient and speak Portuguese. How will you communicate?”
  • MGHer wins trip to Super Bowl

    SUNDAY WAS A TOUGH LOSS for New England Patriots fans, but MGHer Chan Thammavong still felt like a winner

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