Friday, November 2, 2012

MGHers step up to Hurricane Sandy


HURRICANE HELP: The Emergency Operations Center


The MGH activated its Emergency Operations Center Oct. 29 to address challenges presented by Hurricane Sandy, one of the largest storms to ever hit the East Coast. Although a number of outpatient programs and nonclinical areas adjusted operations or closed because of the hurricane, inpatient areas and clinical support departments continued to operate as normal. A labor pool was established to ensure adequate staffing in key areas, and special sleep and transportation accommodations were made for employees working during the storm. 

“We are very pleased to report that the hospital came through the storm with minimal impact to its facilities and grounds and returned to normal operations by Tuesday morning,” said Dave Reisman, administrative director for Emergency Preparedness.

While the MGH has returned to normal operations, areas hit hardest – such as New York City – are still struggling. Six MGH members of the MA-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team were deployed to New York Oct. 30 to offer support. The team includes Jacquelyn Nally, RN, HAZMAT coordinator for Emergency Services and disaster response manager for the MGH Center for Global Health; Paul Biddinger, MD, chief of the Emergency Department’s division of Emergency Preparedness and medical director of operations for Emergency Services; Allison Durocher, RN, of the Burn Unit; Robert Droste, RN, also of the Burn Unit; Lisa Anahory, RN, Emergency Services; and Karen Ryle, RPh, of the Outpatient Pharmacy. Additional MGHers may be deployed as needed.

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