Friday, May 6, 2016

Nurses activists

In honor of National Nurses Week, MGH Hotline highlights some of the many nurses who represent the very best in patient care.


As part of the Global Health Fellowship in Nursing, Bethany Groleau, RN, of Lunder 9, will be the first MGH nurse to travel to Uganda to work with and teach a group of six nurses basic oncology nursing skills, practices and safe chemotherapy administration. Groleau, who leaves May 6, will spend six weeks both working in a hospital and teaching at a university.

“I am so excited for this opportunity,” says Groleau. “I feel like this was an extension of my nursing, a way to give to others and something that was so much greater than myself.”

This is Groleau’s first mission, and she says “she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see a different part of the world.”The fellowship sponsors nurses to serve in low-resource settings with the primary objective to promote professional nursing through education and clinical practice. The fellowship aims to foster a sense of commitment to the global nursing community, to elevate the role of nurses and to provide support and education to advanced nursing practice. 

“I feel so inspired by this opportunity to help the advancement of other nurses though education,” says Groleau. “The potential to be any part of that makes me feel so lucky and humbled.To the nurses I don’t yet know, this will be an honor.” 

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