Friday, July 22, 2011

What is ... the MGH?

"Jeopardy!" features MGH category

Game show gurus: From left, Andrea Hennigan, RN, Kristine Svagdis, RN, Pat White, RN, Priya Gonsalves, PCIA, and Laura Sanders, RN, of Vincent Obstetrics & Gynecology, took a moment to watch the MGH clues

MGHers tuning in to the July 19 episode of “Jeopardy!” were sure to know the answer to one of the clues, which showed video taped in the Ether Dome and referenced the chemical used in the first successful public demonstration of anesthesia. Along with a chorus of members of the MGH community watching from the hospital or at home, contestant Tom Vaughan, a plastic surgeon from Maine, correctly answered: “What is ether?”

The clue was one of five video clues featured in a “Massachusetts General Hospital” category during the first round of the episode. In honor of the bicentennial, the clues were filmed last February by the “Clue Crew” in the Ether Dome, in laboratories in the Charlestown Navy Yard and the Jackson Building,  and in the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center.

The first clue selected was for $400 and described the technology that, combined with positron emission tomography scanning, created the first-in-the-nation 3-D brain images at the MGH. Christine Janson of Maryland correctly answered with MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. The clue about the ether demonstration was the next clue chosen, followed by a $600 clue about a procedure that may become obsolete as machines like the one depicted are used to find circulating tumor cells in the blood. Vaughan quickly buzzed in with “What is a biopsy?”

The $800 clue, which turned out to be the “Daily Double,” asked for the type of changes looked for in genetic testing. The answer “What are mutations?” stumped Vaughan, who to his dismay had wagered $2,800. The last clue for $1,000 sought the name of the particles used in a certain type of targeted radiation treatment and also left contestants guessing. “What are protons?” chided host Alex Trebek.

After the MGH category was completed, Trebek thanked the MGH for allowing the Clue Crew to film on campus and acknowledged the hospital’s bicentennial. Additional MGH-related clues are expected to air during future episodes.

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