Friday, January 8, 2016

Sisters celebrating cousins: Baby boys born hours apart

DOUBLE DELIGHT: Ana Cortez, left, and Susan Martinez with newborns Lorenzo and Grady

Two sisters received the ultimate gift during the holiday season. Susan Martinez, 24, and Ana Cortez, 32, both delivered baby boys at the MGH on Dec. 28, both by way of cesarean section, and just under
four hours apart.

“It just happened that we were pregnant at the same time,” says Cortez. “I told Susan first and after that she started to have pregnancy symptoms. I said, ‘I’m pregnant, are you pregnant?’ And she said no. Then she took the test and she was!’”

Cortez’s son, Lorenzo Revolorio, was born at 10:30 am weighing almost 10 pounds. Martinez’s son, Noah, was born at 2:01 pm weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

 “I was shocked,” says Martinez, who also has a daughter, Zayanni, 6. “I thought it was weird, but we’re already texting each other from our rooms to see what’s going on, and checking in to see how the babies are doing.”

As for how frequently this circumstance occurs at the MGH, Martinez’sphysician, Lauren Hanley, MD, of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, says this is the first time she has seen sisters have their babies on the same day in her 15 years working at the hospital.

“I found out a couple of months before the scheduled delivery date that Susan’s sister was also planning her cesarean birth on the same day and was also a patient in our practice,” says Hanley. “We thought this was very exciting and unusual. I was not aware that the cousin was a boy, but we talked about how unique it is for cousins to be born in the same hospital just hours apart.”

Cortez says it was nice to go through her pregnancy with her sister, and she and Martinez couldn’t wait to see what their babies would look like. The family is already close – Martinez babysat her sister’s other two children, Andrea, 9, and Julissa, 4, until it was time for her to give birth to her own bundle of joy. The sisters say the newest additions will strengthen that bond.

“We go camping a lot, so they’ll go together, and they’ll share everything,” says Cortez. “As for everything else, we’ll wait and see what happens.”

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