Community Health Program

In 2016, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department (OMFS) at Massachusetts General Hospital appointed Dr. Jennifer Magee as the Community Health Director. The Community Health program will determine community oral health improvement needs and ensure access for oral healthcare for the greater Boston community.

The focus of the Community Health program is to weave community health into the fabric of the overall OMFS department by integrating the four missions of Mass General and OMFS.

In its development stage, the program will focus on determining barriers for groups of patients who cannot get appropriate oral healthcare, and how the OMFS department can remove those barriers to care. Care initiatives will include:

 Dr. Jenn Magee and volunteers at 2016 North Shore Cancer Center Walk
Dr. Jenn Magee with a group of volunteers at the 2016 North Shore Cancer Center Walk.
    • Re-entry to job force after isolation for victims of abuse, trafficking or addiction
    • Opioid prescribing to dental pain
  • “Building confidence and improving lives one smile at a time”

The OMFS department received a grant award from the Executive Committee on Community Health (ECOCH) for Building Confidence and Improving Lives, One Smile at a Time.

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Dental Group Gift Drive

The Massachusetts General Hospital Dental Group in Danvers gave back to the Boston community this holiday season. They collected 25 presents from local children’s wish lists and donated the items to the Home For Little Wanders Collection center in Boston.

Team members in the photo (from left to right): Joyce Kinnon, Barbara Ryan (office manager), Lisa Muldoon, Diane Monteiro, Shannon Wheatley, Megan Gratton, Leah Dillon, Beth McDonald, Lori Falter, Tammy Harper, Donna Stanley, Lucy Spaneas, Jen Magee (clinic director)

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