Monday, January 11, 2010

Department of OMS announces Winter Newsletter and Alumni Update

The Department of OMS is pleased to release the winter edition of its semi-annual Newsletter.

The Department of OMS is pleased to present the Winter issue of its semi-annual 'OMS Newsletter' and 'Alumni Supplement'.  The Newsletter is published twice annually, in June/July--to coincide with the end of the academic year--and in December/January.  It includes a Chief's Corner detailing the milestones of the department, its faculty, and residents, and reports from the Residency Program, the Dental Group, the Center for Clinical Investigation and the Skeletal Biology Research Center.  In addition, the Alumni Supplement includes updates and greetings contributed by MGH OMS Alumni.

This issue of the OMS Newsletter will mark the last paper mailing.  For the past several years, the Newsletter has been available in electronic format and has been emailed to all MGH 'Friends and Family'.  If you are not receiving the Newsletter via email and would like to be included on our mailing list, please email us at

We welcome contributions from all MGH OMS Alumni.  If you have an update on your practice, brief observations of professional or scientific interest, or personal milestones, please email them with your name and year of completion to Suzanne at  We will make every effort to accommodation all submissions in the next issue of the Alumni Supplement.

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