Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visitors From Norway

Physicians and Dentists Come to Explore OMS Approach to Patient Care

Pictured from back row left: Drs Keith, Bjornland, Ms Garshol, Ms Paulsberg and Mr. Monnesland. Pictured from front row left: Drs Berge, Rosen, Rodseth, Schjodt and VigenA group of physicians, dentists, clinical staff and patient advocates from Norway recently visited the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to learn about our approaches to the care of patients with orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders.

The Norway group has been charged by the Norwegian Directorate of Health to set up a center for diagnosis and management of these patients in Bergen. They came to Mass General to learn about our approach and experiences in dealing with conditions in a tertiary care setting.

The Mass General International Office helped OMS to organize a two-day continuing education program on Tuesday, March 18, and Wednesday, March 19, titled “Orofacial pain and Temporomandibular Disorders – the MGH experience” The course included lectures on facial neuralgias, temporomandibular disorders, physical therapy, surgery for temporomandibular disorders and the interdisciplinary management of pain patients. A considerable part of the program was devoted to group discussions, which were both informative and lively with everyone contributing.

The visitors were given a tour of the hospital by Shelley Riley of the International Office and on Wednesday evening, and they attended the grand rounds presentation by Dr Kaban titled “Discovery of Ether anesthesia and its first demonstration at Massachusetts General Hospital on October 16, 1846: the unique role of the dental profession in the development of anesthesia,” a suitable event to end the scientific part of the meeting.

Each participant was given a copy of the group photograph taken in the Ether Dome, along with their continuing education certificates. By all accounts this was a successful and useful meeting with a great deal of interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences. While we are pleased to share our skills and experiences with our counterparts across the globe, in doing so, we also enhance our lives here at Mass General.

Many thanks to those involved

The participants included nine individuals sponsored by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and headed by Dr Siri Rodseth their Dental Adviser and Dr Terje Vigen a Senior Medical Adviser.

Directed by Dr David Keith, the Mass General course was taught by faculty members: Drs Steven Scrivani, Jeffrey Shaefer, Ronald Kulich (Mass General Pain program) and Diane Plante RPT (Physical Therapy).

Our visitors from Norway included:

Clinicians: Dr Tore Bjorland, professor and specialist in oral surgery and oral medicine from the University of Oslo (who had spent a sabbatical in our department several years ago), Drs Trond Berge and Annika Rosen (professors and specialists in oral surgery and oral medicine) from the university of Bergen and University Hospital of Haukeland in Bergen, Dr Borrick Schjodt, psychologist and Anne Paulsberg, physical therapist, both from the Pain Clinic at the same institutions in Bergen

Patient advocates: Sidsel Garshol and Jan Monnesland

Pictured from back row left: Doctors Keith, Bjornland, Ms Garshol, Ms Paulsberg and Mr. Monnesland. Pictured from front row left: Doctors Berge, Rosen, Rodseth, Schjodt and Vigen.

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