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We have the leading doctors in the world providing compassionate care for every orthopaedic disorder. Our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants practice medicine with physician supervision and are licensed by the State of Massachusetts.

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Advanced Practitioners

  • Marilyn Maguire, NP (inpatient)Boston (Tues - Fri)

    Marilyn Maguire, NP

    Marilyn is the inpatient NP for the Hand & Arm Center, Orthopaedic Spine Center and Shoulder Service.

  • Gina Poerio, PA-CWaltham (Mon, Tues)  |  Boston (Wed, Fri)  |  Danvers (Thur)

    Gina Poerio, NP

    Gina is a PA for the Hand & Arm Center. She works with Dr. Chen and Dr. Jupiter caring for patients with orthopedic hand, elbow and shoulder injuries in the office, as well as assisting in the operating room.


  • Michael Daly, MD

    Michael Daly, MD
  • Brady Evans, MD

    Brady Evans, MD
  • Jessica Hanley, MD

    Jessica Hanley, MD
  • Andrew Matson, MD

    Andrew Matson, MD
  • Ryan Ponton, MD

    Ryan Ponton, MD
  • Frederick Wang, MD

    Frederick Wang, MD
  • Dafang Zhang, MD

    Dafang Zhang, MD