Friday, November 9, 2012

A special first dance

FIRST DANCE: Springfield and Gaviria. Photo courtesy of Lauren DeCicca.

As a child suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, Marcela Gaviria complained to her surgeon, Dempsey Springfield, MD, that she would never get married.

“I always wondered how difficult it would be for someone to sign up for my life,” Gaviria says.

But on June 23, Gaviria, now 43, did get married. Her first dance at the wedding reception was with Springfield, a longtime member of the Orthopaedic Oncology Service.

Gaviria first met Springfield when she was 12 and needed a bone transplant. Even after the cancer was gone, numerous procedures were required to try to repair the damage the cancer caused in the bones in her leg and hip. For every surgery over the past 30 years, no matter where she was living, she turned to Springfield for help.

“I have a great surgeon that really cared to get it right,” Gaviria says. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

Gaviria, who walks with a cane, is still at risk of losing her leg; the future will likely hold more surgeries. But with Springfield, she knows she is in good hands.

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