These videos are for patients of Drs. DiGiovanni, Guss, Theodore & Waryasz. The videos are a resource for you after your surgery at the ASC.

Please note: In some of the videos below, you will see a patient learning to walk after surgery, and while the patient in the video has a knee brace or wrap, these videos apply to Foot & Ankle surgical patients as well.

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Touch Down Weight Bearing

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Partial Weight Bearing

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Non-weight Bearing

Crutch Walking on Stairs: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Crutch Walking on Stairs: Partial or Touch Down Weight Bearing

Cane: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Walker: Non-Weight Bearing

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