Ambulatory Surgery Center at Mass General Waltham

The Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) at Mass General Waltham provides all the conveniences of a family-focused surgi- center in a community location.

About the Ambulatory Surgery Center

The surgeons, nurses and anesthesia team who care for you at the ASC are all members of the Mass General staff. At the ASC, you will receive the same excellent care as you would on Mass General's Boston campus, with the added convenience of free parking and easy access to many of the major routes surrounding Boston.

Cold Therapy

If your doctor recommends buying a cold therapy unit to use after surgery, you can purchase it through the Mass General Foot & Ankle retail store. If you purchase the unit this way, it will be delivered to you at the ASC on the day of your surgery. Please note, if you purchase a cold therapy unit, you will need a supply of ice at home after your surgery.

Anesthesia at the ASC

The Mass General Orthopaedic ASC Anesthesia Department is made-up of Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and a rotating senior MGH anesthesia resident. There are several different options available for orthopaedic surgical procedures including general anesthesia, MAC (local anesthesia with IV sedation), IV regional anesthesia (Bier Block), regional anesthesia (nerve block) or a combination of the options.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is used after surgery and to treat acute injuries of your muscles and bones.

Patient Gateway

Learn how to set up a Patient Gateway account and how to access the pre-surgical questionnaire.

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