Anne's Story

Anne is a patient of Dr. Thomas Cha, an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Anne snorkeling in Australia after her surgery with Dr. Cha.

Condition:  arthritis in low back
Interests:  hiking, barre, cooking

"My entire 20s was consumed with back pain, so I was really limited in what I could do. When I turned 30, my goal was to find a surgeon who would be able to fix this for me. I did lots of research until I found the Spine Center and Dr. Cha.

Before I met Dr. Cha, I had seen many doctors who told me that surgery was not a option for somebody as young as me, and so I knew it was important to find the right doctor who would listen to me and find the right course of treatment for me. Dr. Cha is very personable. He makes you feel very comfortable. Dr. Cha and his whole team were amazing.

Since my surgery, I am doing great. It has changed my life completely. I feel like I am catching up for the all years I was not able to do the things I wanted to do. When you are not in pain you have so much room and time and capacity for other things in your life. It has been a great change for me."

- Anne