John's Story

John, a patient of Dr. Joseph Schwab

Condition:  Degenerative spondylolisthesis and lumbar spinal stenosis
Interests:  travel, sailing, grandchildren

"In 2010, I found that my legs would go numb and as a result it was very difficult to walk medium to long distances. It was also difficult to step off a sidewalk curb or go down a flight of stairs. As a result, I had minimally invasive surgery in May 2011 to resolve these issues. The surgery was initially successful but symptoms returned."

"In 2016, I found it difficult to walk. I could only walk very short stances. I also had problems with my gait and found that my left leg would become numb when sitting in one position for a period of time, like riding in a car. I also noticed that my left leg had lost some muscle mass during this period. I decided that another surgery may be required to address these issues. After a thorough search of orthopaedic surgeons in the Boston area, I sought a second opinion from Dr. Joseph Schwab."

"Prior to meeting, Dr. Schwab did a full review of my medical history and had the results of my recent MRI and x-rays. He was very straightforward in his demeanor and listened carefully to my concerns. He took the time to thoroughly review the potential benefits and risks associated with surgery. I asked, and he assured me, that although he would be assisted by a resident that he would perform the surgery, and as a result of this consultation, I made the decision to go forward with the surgery. I had a spinal fusion from L3 to LS with metal instrumentation in May 2017."

"During my hospital stay after surgery, Dr. Schwab was in direct contact to monitor my condition. I met with him every six months to review my progress and x-rays were taken to ensure the stability of my fusion."

"I now have full mobility. I am able to walk distances, perform yard work, and travel. I am very pleased with outcome. I haveand will continue to recommend Dr. Schwab to anyone who may require his services."