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The goal of this laboratory is to investigate the role of immunological events in the pathogenesis of orthopedic malignancies and to develop combinatorial immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of orthopedic malignancies with special emphasis on translational research.

Team Members

  • Soldano Ferrone, MD, PhD
  • Joseph H. Schwab, MD, MS
  • Xinhui Wang, MD, PhD
  • Francesco Sabbatino, MD, PhD
  • Yangyang Wang, MD

Research Projects

  • Characterization of the role of immunological events in the pathogenesis of chordoma
  • Development of combinatorial immunotherapy for the treatment of osteosarcoma

Selected Publications

Ferrone S. Hidden immunotherapy targets challenge dogma. Sci Transl Med, 3:99ps38, 2011.

Wang X, Katayama A, Wang Y, Yu L, Favoino E, Sakakura K, Favole A, Tsuchikawa T, Silver S, Watkins SC, Kageshita T, and Ferrone S. Functional characterization of an scFV antibody that immunotherapeutically targets the common cancer cell surface proteoglycan CSPG4. Cancer Res, 71:7410-7422, 2011.

Zarour H and Ferrone S. Cancer immunotherapy: Progress and challenges in the clinical setting. Eur J Immunol, 41:1510-1515, 2011. PMCID: PMC3426035.

Sabbatino F, Ferrone S. Can the "Right" EGFR-Specific mAb Dramatically Improve EGFR-Targeted Therapy? Clin Cancer Res. 2013 1;19:958-60.