Women's Sports Medicine Program

We aim to lead the advancement of women’s sports and exercise medicine through multidisciplinary expert clinical care, research and education.

Our Mission

Our experts from multiple specialties provide coordinated and comprehensive care for female athletes. We provide cutting edge, evidence-driven treatment and to contribute to the scientific knowledge necessary to optimize the care of female athletes. As women continually break barriers in their careers in sports, the Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Mass General is designed to support the growing medical needs of this unique population.

What makes female athletes different?

As the caliber of women's sports continues to rise, the image and definition of the female athlete continues to evolve. Women are more commonly staying active with age, and participating in an expanding variety of sports and exercise modalities. With this, the rates of acute and overuse injuries we see in females athletes are rapidly rising, yet knowledge of the factors that influence injuries in women is still evolving.

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