Orthopaedic Advanced Practitioners

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    Brian Abbott, PA-C

    Brian Abbott, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
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    Sean Andrew, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
    • Clinical Interests:
    • Athletic injuries of the shoulder, knees and hips,
    • Hip arthroscopy,
    • Soft tissue injuries of the knee including ligament and meniscal tears,
    • Soft tissue injuries of the shoulder including rotator cuff and labrum tears
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    Kathleen Burns, NP

    Kathleen Burn, NP

    Inpatient Nurse Practitioner
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    Karissa Comfort, PA-C

    Karissa Comfort, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
    • Clinical Interests:
    • Cervical myelopathy,
    • Cervical stenosis,
    • Herniated disc,
    • Laminectomy,
    • Lumbar stenosis,
    • Minimally invasive spine surgery,
    • Spinal fusion,
    • Spondylolisthesis
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    Hannah Crawford, NP

    Hannah Crawford, NP

    Inpatient Nurse Practitioner
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    Anne Fiore, DNP, ANP-BC

    Anne Fiore, DNP, ANP-BC

    Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing, Clinical Administrator for Orthopaedic Oncology Service
    • Clinical Interests:
    • Benign and malignant (sarcoma) bone and soft tissue tumors,
    • Pain management,
    • Patient education (encompassing knowledge of the disease, adjuvant treatment, surgery & rehabilitation),
    • Preparation for surgery and its aftermath,
    • Strategies to help patients cope/adapt to their lives after surgery,
    • impact on quality of life
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    Jacob Freeman, PA-C

    Jacob Freeman, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
    • Clinical Interests:
    • ACL injuries,
    • Basketball/soccer/ski/football injuries,
    • Cartilage injuries,
    • Clavicle fractures,
    • Hamstring avulsion,
    • Hamstring injuries,
    • Knee arthroscopy,
    • Meniscus injuries,
    • Rotator cuff injuries,
    • Runner's knee/tendinitis,
    • Shoulder arthritis,
    • Shoulder arthroscopy,
    • Shoulder fractures,
    • Shoulder impingement,
    • Shoulder instability,
    • Shoulder replacement
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    Tricia Gordon, NP

    Tricia Gordon, NP

    Nurse Practitioner
    • Clinical Interests:
    • Cervical spinal stenosis,
    • Degenerative spine disease,
    • Herniated disc,
    • Low back pain,
    • Lumbar spinal stenosis,
    • Spinal Fusion
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    Kirsten Halsey, PA-C

    Kirsten Halsey, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
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    Sean Hazzard, PA

    Sean Hazzard, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
    • Clinical Interests:
    • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction,
    • ACL graft selection/determination,
    • ACL injuries and tears,
    • Knee instability,
    • Meniscus injuries and tears,
    • Re-injury of previous ACL reconstructed knee,
    • Revision ACL reconstruction,
    • Shoulder pain and instability,
    • Shoulder pain in throwing athletes,
    • Ski, Basketball, and Soccer Knee injuries
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