Pathology Organizational Overview

The Pathology Service is organized into six mission-based divisions that are overseen by the Vice Chair, Gregory Y. Lauwers, MD. Each is led by an Associate Chief of Pathology.

The clinical arm of the Pathology Service is organized into two primary divisions, Anatomic and Molecular Pathology and Laboratory and Molecular Medicine. Two additional divisions—the Center for Integrated Diagnostics and Pathology Informatics—contribute in major ways as well to the clinical mission. The Vice Chair oversees all of the clinical activities in the department, working to facilitate their integration.  The last two divisions—Education, and Research—provide overarching activities that cross the other three divisions. With the clinical arm are multiple functional laboratory units. The medical and technical directors of each laboratory unit work with all of the Associate Chiefs to achieve their missions.


Laboratory & Molecular Medicine
Kent B. Lewandrowski, MD, Associate Chief

Anatomic & Molecular Pathology
Vânia Nosé,  MD, PhD, Associate Chief

Center for Integrated Diagnostics
A. John Iafrate, MD, PhD, Associate Chief


Stephen Black-Schaffer, MD, Associate Chief

Keith Joung, MD, PhD, Associate Chief


Veronica Klepeis, MD, PhD

Pathology Major Units and Subdivisions

Histopathology Services
Joseph Misdraji, MD, Director

Surgical Pathology
Vânia Nosé, MD, PhD, Director

Autopsy Service
James Stone, MD, PhD, Director


Martha Bishop Pitman, MD, Director

Core Laboratory
Anand Dighe, MD, PhD, Director

Microbiology Laboratory
Eric Rosenberg, MD, Director

Blood Transfusion Service
Christopher Stowell, MD, PhD, Director
Walter (Sunny) Dzik, MD, Co-Director


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