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  • Kim Gregory, POCT Associate Director PPD link
  • Kent Lewandrowski, MD, POCT Medical Director PPD link
  • Gino Pagnani, POCT Coordinator PPD link
  • Deb Capraro Phaup, POCT Coordinator PPD link

Point of Care Testing

As laboratory testing devices become increasingly smaller and easier to use, lab tests can now be done more frequently at the point of care (the patient's home or bedside). Familiar Point of Care tests (POCT) are blood glucose kits, pregnancy kits, strep tests, and others. The Pathology POCT Program trains and certifies POCT testing throughout the MGH.

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MGH POCT Coordinators PPD link


POCT Program Objectives

1. Identify and assist non-Pathology Service testing sites with maintaining compliance with the federal regulations under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.

2. Assist those testing sites with meeting and maintaining Joint Commission standards required for hospital accreditation.

3. Maintain a single standard of quality throughout the institution.

POCT Annual Test Volumes

Whole Blood Glucose 425,000
Activated Clotting Time 26,000
PT-INR 1,000
Hemoglobin 3,000
ABG 500
Cooximetry 7,000
Urine Dipsticks 35,000
Fecal Occult Blood 70,000
pH testing 600
Urine Hcg 25,000
Rapid Strep 11,615
Rapid Flu 800
Sweat Chloride 100
Provider - Performed Microscopy 15,000
Modified GC Screen 5,000
Hgb A1C 900
Creatinine 13,200
Total (approximate)




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