How You Can Help

You can help the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital to improve patient care, move the field of Pathology forward and train the next generation of caregivers by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Catalyze a Center for Predictive Diagnostics

Pathologists generate vast amounts of information spanning every stage of an individual’s life. Placing an individual’s lab test results into context with all health information about them and others like them yields insights and solutions for more accurate, cost-effective medicine. Mass General Pathology uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support analysis to interpret the data far more quickly and accurately than the human brain can manage.

Philanthropy helps make this compelling vision a reality. It provides resources to recruit key personnel who are trained in medicine and information technology. Together with Mass General’s world-class clinicians, these “multi-lingual” individuals develop new predictive assays that enable early, efficient treatment and substantial cost savings.

Harness the Power of Genetics to Transform Medicine

The Center for Integrated Diagnostics (CID) is at the heart of Mass General’s initiative in personalized medicine: the new paradigm of health care in which a patient’s genetic makeup informs every aspect of their care.  With its unique suite of genomic technologies and its side-by-side relationship with clinicians at Mass General, CID is already a well-respected presence in genomic tests for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, CID will create a dynamic portal to provide clinicians in all specialties with a complete breadth of genomics information, with comprehensive clinical decision support built in.  

Philanthropy strengthens and reinforces this remarkable platform. Funds will be used to recruit faculty with expertise in bioinformatics, epigenetics, gene editing, biostatistics and variant curation; and provide them with state-of-the-art equipment.

Educate For A Future That’s Different From The Present

The successful pathologists of the future will bring truly interdisciplinary experience to their role.  They will work at the intersection of medicine, computer science, mathematics and statistics, to achieve the goal of better health care at personal and population-wide levels.  This breadth of skills is very different from the specialization of the past, requiring a different kind of training program which Mass General Pathology is exceptionally qualified to offer: it currently has the largest, most diverse group of faculty whose skills mirror those distinctive requirements.

Mass General wishes to establish a series of endowed fellowships in computational pathology or genomic diagnostics, coordinated by Mass General Pathology’s Education Division, which already oversees several highly competitive training programs. These sought-after training opportunities will empower students to move seamlessly across the continuum of care, from enhancing the health of well persons to optimizing care of those with serious illness.

How to Help

There are many ways to support the department’s work, whether by making an outright gift, donating in honor of a loved one, leveraging matching gifts from your employer, or making a planned bequest.  To learn more about these options, please contact