Case Records of Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Eric S. Rosenberg, M.D., and Nancy Lee Harris, M.D. - Editors
  • Virginia M. Pierce, M.D., David M. Dudzinski, M.D., Meridale V. Baggett, M.D., Dennis C. Sgroi, M.D. and Jo-Anne O. Shepard, M.D. -  Associate Editors
  • Sally H. Ebeling, and Emily K. McDonald - Production Editors

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How to Research Published MGH Cases

On the New England Journal of Medicine website, select "Case Materials" in the "Limit by Content Type" box, enter keyword(s) in the search field and click "Search" to produce your Case Records results. We also maintain a database for Case Records published from 1964 to the present. Please email requests for database information to Sally H. Ebeling or Emily K. McDonald.

How to Purchase Slides

A set of slides is available for each published case. If you need additional information regarding which slide sets would be of most interest to you, please e-mail Sally H. Ebeling or Emily K. McDonald to obtain a list of cases that meet your criteria (diagnosis, keywords, or clinical specialty). After you have identified the specific case(s) you want, you can order the accompanying slide set(s) by contacting the Pathology Media Lab at 617-726-2974 or emailing Michelle Forrestall Lee.

General Information

Conferences are free, and most are open to the public. Because they are hosted by various services and departments within MGH, many are also approved for Category 1 CME credit. To receive credit, it is necessary to go through the department hosting the conference you are attending.

Location and Time

The conference day, time, and location is not constant because these exercises are presented as part of other meetings and rounds at MGH. See the Schedule of Presentations for a list of upcoming conferences. Owing to last-minute changes, we recommend you confirm with Sally H. Ebeling (617-726-8897) or Emily K. McDonald, particularly if you are from outside the Partners community.


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