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Schedule of Upcoming Conferences

TH 3/8/18

Simches-3110 Conference Room, 12:00PM

Cancer Center Grand Rounds Kerry L. Reynolds, M.D. Hematology Oncology, MGH TBA TBA
TU 3/13/18

Yawkey-2 Conference Room, 8:00AM

Rheumatol-ogy Rounds* Daniel R. Lefebvre, M.D. Ophthalm-ology, MEE TBA TBA
TH 3/15/18 O'Keefe Auditorium, BLK-1, 8:00AM Medical Grand Rounds Ronald J. Falk, M.D. Medicine, Univ. of North Carolina TBA A 71-year-old man with acute renal failure and hematuria.
TH 3/29/18 Meltzer Auditorium, MEE, 3rd Floor, 8:00AM

Ophthalmol-ogy Grand Rounds*

Lucia Sobrin, M.D.,M.P.H. Ophthalm-ology, MEE Rosalynn Nazarian, M.D. A 37-year-old man with polyarthralgias, calf pain, and eye redness.
FR 3/30/18 Potts Conference Room, BGL-856, 12:15PM Medical Case Conf.* Anna Rubin, M.D. GeneralMedicine, MGH Vikram Deshpande, M.D. A 66-year-old woman with right-sided abdominal pain.
TU 4/3/18

O’Keeffe Auditorium, BLK-1,

8:00 AM
Pediatric Grand Rounds Alice W. Newton, M.D.


None TBA
FR 4/27/18 Potts Conference Room, BGL-856, 12:15PM Medical Case Conf.* TBA TBA TBA TBA
TH 5/3/18 Ether Dome, BUL-4, Noon Psychiatry Grand Rounds Felicia A. Smith, M.D. Psychiatry, MGH None A 48-year-old woman with right-hand paresthesia.
TH 5/10/18 Ether Dome, BUL-4, 9:00AM Neurology Grand Rounds TBA TBA TBA A 23-year-old woman with vision loss.

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