The Mass General Department of Police,
Security, Outside Services and Photography

Between 50,000 to 70,000 people travel through Massachusetts General Hospital facilities each day. The members of the MGH Police, Security & Outside Services Department are committed to being “leaders in service and protection” in providing proactive protective services to the Mass General community. 


Throughout the year, we are responsible for the safety and security of more than 25,000 hospital staffmore than 40,000 inpatients and more than 1.5 million outpatient visitors and guests


Supported by one of the largest integrated access control systems in the United States, the 300 highly trained department members work to anticipate the needs of the patients, staff and visitors in order to create a safe environment and offer value-added services.


The Mass General Parking/Outside Service Team assists thousands of people with parking each day while maximizing commuter service options.


In addition, professional photographers create and process all photography for the hospital.


Please take this opportunity to learn more about this superb team of professionals:


The vision of MGH Police, Security, and Outside Services over the next three years is:

  • Integral role to the optimal functioning of the hospital
  • Demonstrating tangible value and a positive ROI, our value outweighs our cost
  • Best in class, leader in the healthcare security industry nationally
  • Role model and educator for the MGH Credo
  • Customer service focused
  • Leaders, trainers, and educators in a myriad of topics to the MGH Community
  • Skilled and resourceful for complex problems and situations
  • Hiring and retaining superb staff who are committed to the MGH mission
  • Proactive and responsive to community needs and vulnerabilities
  • Cutting edge technology and communications
  • Leveraging the internet – implementing a dynamic useful website for marketing, education, and feedback
  • Effective and efficient deployment of all resources

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