The Systems and Technology Division is responsible for one of the largest integrated access control systems in the United States. It is an excellent crime prevention tool made up of hundreds of closed circuit television cameras that are digitally recorded 24 hours a day. The system also controls over 5,000 “points” consisting of card readers, door locks and emergency (panic) buttons. Most importantly, it acts to maximize your safety while at MGH.

The entire system is monitored 24 hours a day/7 days a week by members of the Police and Security department in the Chevrette Communications Center. This allows members of the Police and Security Department to be more proactive when it comes to detecting safety/security threats and deterring criminal activity.


Hospital policy, state law and the Joint Commission requires all employees to wear an identification badge. In addition, wearing the identification badge has customer service value as it relates to patients and visitors. The system database maintains over 33,000 employee access cards/photo identification badges.

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