APF was born in July 2010 to bring a fresh approach to care design and delivery for patients and caregivers alike. The practice relies heavily on the establishment and maintenance of a collaborative relationship between each patient and his or her care team.

Trust and transparency—the pillars of health care in any practice—are deeply integrated into our practice culture, enabling our patients to connect more directly and meaningfully with their own care.

TransCAREncySM is the term we use to describe this culture of care: transparency in all aspects of care with our patients and with our institution at all levels.

What does TransCAREncy look like today?

  • Open communication channels with all members of your care team—not just your doctor
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Access to visit notes and other information about your care through the Patient Gateway 
  • The ability to receive care without always having to come to see us through virtual visits
  • Health coaches who will work with you on your personal wellness goals or health issues
  • The Care Alliance—ensuring your voice is heard and offering the latest practice news

What do we hope TransCAREncy will look like in the future?

  • A more seamless care experience, including institution-wide appointment scheduling online
  • Access to your own clinical and financial record
  • Physician benchmarks to understand how your provider is performing compared to peers
  • Interactive tools and platforms for health and wellness management and education
  • Delivery of care that you need, where and when you need it

At the APF, patients and care teams develop a health and wellness care plan together with a focus on how to manage your personal health priorities. Our physical space is warm and inviting, welcoming you and your family to journey with us in your health. As a patient with us here at APF, you will never be alone in managing your health.