What you need to know about being a patient at the Ambulatory Practice of the Future.

Pre-Visit Questions

Do I need a Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway account?
While you are not required to have a Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway account, it is the most complete and efficient way for you to manage your health care. In Gateway, you can renew prescriptions, make your own appointments with APF team members, request referral authorizations for specialist appointments, and access quality health & wellness information, all at your own convenience.

How do I sign up for Patient Gateway?
At your first appointment, we will enter your preferred email address and cell phone to set you up for Patient Gateway. Simply follow the instructions you will receive in email including the access code provided to allow you to complete the enrollment process.

Can I fill out forms and questionnaires before I arrive for my visit?
Yes, you can fill out certain pre-visit forms and information (like the health information questionnaire) online in advance. When you receive an email notification about your appointment, simply log in to Patient Gateway, navigate to “Health Information,” and click on “Questionnaires.” Having this information filled out ahead of time will be both time-saving for you and helpful to the care team as they prepare for your visit.

How can I learn more about my health or about being a patient at the APF?
You can learn more about your health and being a patient at the APF from our collection of videos on Mass General's YouTube channel

For Your Visit

What do I need to bring to my visit?
Bring a photo ID, insurance information, and your co-pay, as well as a list of all your medications (name, dose, frequency, etc.) or if easier take a picture of all your medication labels with your phone and bring that in with you. 

Copays: How and when do I pay? How can I predict the amount due?
Your copay is due at the time of the visit. The amount you pay is listed on your health insurance card and for your convenience you may pay with any major credit card.

Are there forms I need to review and sign at my visit?
Yes, we will ask you to review and sign three forms. These are available from the Front Desk or (except the HIPAA form) when you sign in at the kiosk in the APF foyer.    

  1. HIPAA: Required under the HIPAA privacy act, and authorizes us to share your personal health information with other providers and health systems, as needed for your care
  2. Surescript: The network Mass General Brigham hospitals use to share your medication history with other authorized providers and pharmacies to help provide you the best, most reliable and secure care possible
  3. Insurance: Authorizes us to handle your insurance for your visit and care

Can you text me reminders about my appointments?
If we have a current contact number, we will text reminders to you 2-4 days before your scheduled appointment. Ask our Front Desk for more details about this service. 

How do I reschedule an appointment if I cannot make it?
There are three ways to cancel an appointment:

  1. Log into Patient Gateway, find your appointment, and hit “cancel”
  2. Call the office during business hours and leave us your preferred phone number
  3. Type “CANCEL” as your response to the text message appointment reminder 

What is the difference between an “phone visit” and a “virtual visit”?
A phone visit is conducted exclusively over the telephone while a virtual visit is a set of clinical questions from your doctor that you answer on a secure website. After reviewing your answers, your clinician will respond with a course of action. Virtual visits are not meant to replace all in-person appointments with your physician, but to offer you more convenient access to follow-up care.

What do you cover in a Complete Physical Exam?
A physical exam is a comprehensive review of your medical history and established stable conditions that require no additional work up or treatment, preventative testing, vaccinations and screenings. During your physical your provider may need to treat a condition that is new or make modifications to an established condition. Accordingly, the service bill for the visit may include both a “wellness” and a problem-oriented service. The additional service may be subject to a co-pay or deductible.

Can I have a blood test done at the practice?
Yes, we can do blood draws at the practice, saving you from having to visit a lab. We also have a few point of care tests available that can be processed in the office with your result given to you at the time of the visit. Examples include rapid flu and rapid strep testing. 

Do you validate parking?
Unfortunately, we cannot validate parking at the present time. However, there are several forms of transportation accessible to the APF.

  • Free shuttle buses are available. It is a short walk to the practice from the Bowdoin, Haymarket, and North Station stops or the Mass General main campus.
  • The MBTA has subway and bus service at the nearby Haymarket (Orange and Green lines), Bowdoin (Blue line) and North Station (Orange and Green lines, commuter rail) stations.
  • If you decide to drive, directions and parking information are available here. If you park in a Mass General garage, be sure to mention that you are a patient when you pay, so that you will be charged the patient rate.
Other Questions

Can my child be a patient?
APF does not see pediatric patients, but we can refer you to a practice at Mass General that does.

People who are eligible to be patients at the APF must be at least 18 years old and be either a Mass General employee or their spouse or partner with Mass General employee-sponsored insurance. 

When should I go to the Walk-in Clinic or the Emergency Department?
Please call the APF before you go to the Walk-in Clinic or the ED, if possible. One of the APF providers may be able to see you at the APF or help you determine what level of care is necessary. 

Do you have urgent care services at APF?
Yes, as a patient here at APF, you have access to any of the urgent care services we offer, including:

  • Women’s health, reproductive health services and procedures and family planning services
  • Dermatology care including wound care, abrasion and laceration treatment and skin tag and small mole removal
  • IV-fluid replacement and antibiotic administration

Call our Front Desk or send a Patient Gateway message to your provider if you have any questions about a procedure or wish to include any of these services into your next visit.

Do you have Saturday hours?
No. In the event of a weekend emergency, please page our on-call provider, who is available 24/7, and will assist you with whatever you need. 

I’d like to discuss an experience I had at the APF with a provider or staff member. How do I do this?
We always want you to be completely satisfied with your care experience and your care team. You can feel free to ask your provider or any member of the staff for assistance or talk to any of them about your experience. If you prefer to communicate an issue anonymously, please place it in writing in the Feedback Box at the front desk.