Adult Primary Care

The adult primary care physicians at the Ambulatory Practice of the Future (APF) at Massachusetts General Hospital work with patients to coordinate all of their health care needs, from routine physical exams to the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical problems, as well as referrals to specialists. Our primary care physicians also provide information about preventative medicine and wellness programs available through our office.

On-call Physician Coverage

We provide on-call physician coverage for our patients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call the practice to reach the on-call physician. Patients with medical emergencies should call 911.

Urgent Care

We do our best to keep slots open if our patients require urgent, same-day visits. Patients can call the office at 617-724-1100 to speak to a member of the team.

Prescription Refills

Current patients can request prescription refills online using Patient Gateway. Most prescription renewals will be filled within 48 hours. Any requests received after noon on Friday will not be filled until the next business day. Please plan ahead so prescriptions will be ready when they are needed.

Behavioral Health

Depression is not a personal weakness, a personality or character flaw, or laziness. While it may eventually go away with time for a few people, it cannot be cured or controlled by “pulling yourself together” or “just snapping out of it.” The APF provides patients with the option to participate in our in-house program, the Depression Care Collaborative. This program provides patients with a care plan that may involve behavioral activation, therapy and medication. Patients can be seen more quickly than if they wait to see a specialist, and are provided frequent follow-up with our care coordinator and health coach, Ryan Sherman.

Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coaching Program focuses on structur­ing self-care and facilitating lasting lifestyle change. Program participation can help you to plan and execute preventive-health lifestyle measures and/or behavioral change efforts related to a chronic health diagnosis, such as type-2 diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease. A wellness coach differs in approach from a personal trainer or a nutritionist in that they will work with you from a non-prescriptive standpoint, which means they will not tell you what direction is best for you to go in. Rather, they will encourage and empower you to make the choices that are most appropriate for you and your individual situation. Learn more about wellness coaching.


A primary care provider is responsible for arranging all medical care for his or her patient, including referrals to specialists. A patient requiring the care of a specialist should speak to his or her physician for the appropriate referral.


Patients of the APF may have the option to choose an e-visit, a follow-up appointment with a primary care physician conducted via telephone. E-visit appointments allow doctors and patients to check in with one another while avoiding travel to the office.