Wellness Coaching services are available on an ongoing basis at the APF to support our patients in developing their very own custom formula for health and wellness.

Our Wellness Coaching Program focuses on structur­ing self-care and facilitating lasting lifestyle change. Program participation can help you to plan and execute preventive-health lifestyle measures and/or behavioral change efforts related to a chronic health diagnosis, such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease.

Many of us know what we “should” ideally do to be healthy, but struggle with the execution piece. High levels of wellness are achieved once you discover what works for your specific circumstances and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, and discovery involves experimentation and flexibility. Coaching is a great match for such efforts, support­ing participants with focused discussion, structure, perspective, planning, accountability, and motivational interviewing along the path of change.

A wellness coach differs in approach from a personal trainer or a nutritionist in that they will work with you from a non-prescriptive standpoint, which means they will not tell you what direction is best for you to go in. Rather, they will encourage and empower you to make the choices that are most appropriate for you and your individual situation.

In coaching, you set the agenda, and you decide how and when to make a change. You are the expert regard­ing your life and what will work for you. Your coach is a process expert who is trained in coaching, wellness modalities, and supporting permanent change.

Wellness coaching engagements begin with one hour-long in-person session, and then continue with 30-minutes sessions by phone every two weeks for four months. Coaching clients set one, two or three behavior goals they would like to work on for this four month period, and also set tactical goals to focus on in between each bi-weekly session. Your coach will help you to organize your thoughts and clarify your approach to incremental change via the goal-setting process.

Reflecting the APF’s commitment to preventive health, coaching is available to all members of our practice on an optional basis. Please note, however, that this popular program often has a wait list, so there may be a brief waiting period before activation. To learn more, contact us at 617-724-1100 to schedule a virtual information session.