Care teams at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Women’s Health Associates are organized into pods, which include providers, a nurse, medical assistants and a patient services coordinator.

Blue Pod Team
Green Pod Team
Orange Pod Team
Red Pod Team

Nurse Practitioners

  • Kerry Cafasso, MSN, ANP-C

  • Mary Norato Indeglia MSN, ANP-C


  • Kat Heinzelmann, RN
  • Maureen Dryja, RN
  • Natasha Edwards, RN
  • Robin Grossman, RN
  • Kristen Mazurkiewicz, RN


  • Valerie Mendes, administrative manager


Behavioral Health Support Specialist

  • Lauren Bachman-Streitfield, LCSW

Resident Physicians

As the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Mass General is proud to educate the next generation of providers. We have 13 resident physicians:

  • Katie Corelli, MD
  • Nicole Curatola, MD
  • Ijeoma Eleaza, MD
  • Stefanie Gerstberger, MD
  • Monica Kasbekar, MD
  • Rebecca Liu, MD
  • Kathleen McFadden, MD
  • Zoe Memel, MD
  • Natasha Merali, MD
  • Ramya Mosarla, MD
  • Blair Robinson, MD
  • Daria Schatoff, MD
  • Alexandra Wick, MD