PrimeCare at Massachusetts General Hospital is a medically focused, private elder care management service developed to meet the needs of elders and the people who care for them.

Customized Elder Care Services

PrimeCare is an elder care management service at Mass General that is customized to meet the needs of elders and the family members and friends who care for them.

Often, an elder and his/her caregiver can become overwhelmed with keeping track of the many doctors, corresponding appointments, prescriptions and other health care needs. Elders with Alzheimer’s disease and their families face unique challenges regarding their care. Clients contracted with PrimeCare are partnered with a professional care manager, who helps the elder and his/her caregiver navigate the health care system to ensure that the elder’s care is coordinated and effective. This may be especially helpful in a case where the elder’s family lives far away from them. In situations where there is no caregiver, a PrimeCare care manager can serve as a surrogate.

The PrimeCare care manager will work closely with the elder, caregiver(s) and/or other family members to fully understand the needs of each party. We are an independent and knowledgeable partner that will provide objective guidance on how best to care for the elder in need. While our primary goal is to do what is best for the elder, we also understand the importance of supporting the caregiver. Our plans include specific caregiver support and guidance to ensure they can care for their elder while maintaining energy and balance in their own lives. When necessary, our plans and professional support also empower caregivers to face the challenge of making complex and emotional decisions for their elder.

PrimeCare can advise on methods to maximize the family’s financial resources. As the cost of medical and other forms of elder care services continue to rise, PrimeCare helps elders and their caregivers make informed decisions by providing consumer education and advocacy to obtain the best quality care and services at an affordable price.